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A Medicaid provider offering CORE Child, Adolescent & Adult and Intensive Family Intervention services.

Mental Georgia Services

Believes that all children/adults should have a home that provides them with a stable family environment. One which overcomes challenges and barriers of society, enabling them to become successful self-sufficient individuals. It is our belief that children/adults need to be familiar with and receive basic human needs in life, proper nutrients and community support, which will give them the incentive to want to always do better.

About Georgia Health Services

Georgia Health Services has the experience to help you, guide you and assist with all mental health needs. Mental health Services gives the tools to each human life. Each human life has the responsibility to live


Our mission of enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and recovery comes to life each day as we work with our community and those we serve create lasting opportunities for mental health services and recovery.


In pursuit of our mission, The Georgia Mental Health Service is guided by value:

  • To strive the highest quality of service
  • To promote and ensure customer satisfaction at all levels
  • To operate in fiscally responsible enviroment
  • To ensure the inclusion of customers and family members in center planning
  • To collaborate with communities on the array of services delivered to their community
  • To provide an environment of openness, safety and trust where staff is recognized as a valuable asset
  • o strive to ensure that we reflect the cultures of communities we serve
  • To operate in a manner that is consistent with industry standard
  • Our Goals:

  • Staying Well : Support likely people to develop mental health problems, to stay well
  • Empowering choice : Empower people who experience a mental health problems to make informed choices about how they live and recover
  • Improving services & support : Ensure people get right time to help their recovery
  • Enabling social participation : Open the door for the people with experiencing mental problems participating fully in society
  • Removing inequality of opportunity : Gain equality of treatment for people experience both mental health and other forms of descrimination
  • Organisational excellence : Make the most of our assets by building culture of excellence
  • Recovery is our primary GOAL
  • Georgia Mental Health Services will not give up, Everybody deserve a better life & a better future